Anytime is a good time to fundraise for a cure!

Please help us raise funds for research by holding your own fundraiser! We are here to help you navigate the path of your personal fundraiser and to assist you through the simple approval process.

A fundraiser can take any shape you’d like as long as it remains within the boundaries set forth in PSC Partners fundraising standards. It can be a bike race, lemonade stand, letter-writing, email, or Facebook campaign, movie night or a large event. It can be a swear jar at work, a dress down day, silent auction, or a bake sale.

After you’ve decided how you’d like to raise money for PSC, simply fill out the Fundraising Proposal form. The online form takes just a few moments. This is your opportunity to get creative! The options are limitless! There are lots of good ideas here (look for 20 Ways to Raise Money for PSC). See the photos below of some past successful Canadian fundraisers! We can provide you with access to tools, literature, and ideas to make your campaign soar. Just ask! 

Members of the Canadian PSC community are encouraged to hold fundraisers to benefit PSC Partners Canada. We are an all-volunteer organization and Canadian funds raised are used to further the mission of funding research to find treatment or discover a cure for PSC.

We are partnering with chimp: Charitable Impact Foundation in British Columbia to accept online (credit card) donation to PSC Partners.

Personalized Fundraising Pages

If you would like to set up a personalized fundraising page, chimp makes this easy. You can find a sample of a year-end campaign hosted by a PSC patient and his family here. These personalized pages allow you to tell your story, add your photos, and ask your friends and family to support research towards treatment or a cure for PSC.

Please email us at for assistance in setting up your page, or go to the PSC Partners ongoing campaign page and follow the instructions to set up a page.