Please join us for a 2019 Fall PSC Community Meet-Up in Toronto!  

WHEN: Sunday, September 29, 2019 from 10:00 AM to 2:40 PM (EDT) + post-event social
WHERE: PSC Partners Seeking a Cure Canada
Centre for Social Innovation, 3rd Floor
585 Dundas Street East
Toronto, ON M5A 2B7

This event is for patients, family, caregivers, friends – anybody who wants to learn about PSC, wants to support a PSC patient, and who is interested in education and support from the PSC community.

Tickets are needed as we have limited space capacity: RSVP Here

Speaking will be Dr. Gideon Hirschfield from the Toronto Centre for Liver Disease at Toronto General Hospital, Dr. Sonya MacParland, UHN Researcher, and Albert Fung from the Toronto Video Atlas of Surgery. Albert will be offering a virtual liver experience using virtual reality technology.

THANK YOU to our speakers, and to our event sponsors, Centre for Social Innovation and CymaBay Therapeutics.

About the speakers:

Dr. Gideon Hirschfield is the inaugural Lily and Terry Horner Chair in Autoimmune Liver Disease Research at the Toronto Centre for Liver Disease, Toronto General Hospital and Professor of Medicine in the Division of Gastroenterology at the University of Toronto. Dr. Hirschfield is a member of the Scientific Medical Advisory Board of PSC Partners Seeking a Cure.

Dr. Sonya MacParland‘s research program is focused on translating fundamental knowledge about the immune biology of the liver into clinical applications. Dr. MacParland and her research team will investigate how liver immune dysregulation drives liver diseases, including chronic viral infection and inflammatory liver fibrosis. They will also examine how the liver immune environment can be therapeutically manipulated using nanoparticles to slow or reverse ongoing damage. Dr. MacParland will be speaking to us on the efforts to develop a cellular map of the liver and to translate the learnings from this into understanding PSC (A layperson description of some of this work

Albert Fung will present fascinating virtual liver training modules which allow the user to “see” the liver in a new way. Meetup participants will have an opportunity to try out the virtual reality system. Albert comes to us from the TVASurge, the Toronto Video Atlas of Surgery. You can browse these videos to get an idea – note they are intended for medical training. WARNING: graphic content: Videos showing various live surgeries and human anatomy.